I just added this 1965 movie featuring Vincent Price and Frankie Avalon to my playlist on Amazon Prime. The Supreme's song (posted below) for this movie has to be one of the latest, and catchiest 60's tunes I've heard in a LONG time. This movie has to be great, it has to be!

Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine

Vincent Price plays the titular mad scientist who, with the questionable assistance of his resurrected flunky Igor, builds a gang of female robots who are then dispatched to seduce and rob wealthy men. Frankie Avalon and Dwayne Hickman play the bumbling heroes who attempt to thwart Goldfoot's scheme.

The Supreme's - Dr Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine song


I developed a website for Root Down Nutrition in Lakeville, Minnesota. Released it today to showcase our new menu. No template was used, I hand coded everything in an IDE. I utilized Bootstrap 5 and pieced components together to create a base then overrode them with CSS3 to give the overall feel some character. The backend I developed in PHP and I will be integrating more as we go.

If you haven't been to our Nutrition Bar yet, come on in and get yourself a healthy Smoothie, Tea-based Drink, or an Iced Coffee.


I'm rooting for the Bengals, but it would be cool if Matthew Stafford walked away with a Super Bowl win. Whatever the outcome, it should be a great game. Both teams deserve to be there.

Los Angeles Rams vs Cincinnati Bengals

Los Angeles Rams vs Cincinnati Bengals


There's something to say about wiping a server clean and building it back up from scratch. I did just that with my personal web server and in doing so I was able to remove all the garbage that had collected over the years, free up resources, reorganize the file structure for virtual hosts, and start fresh with only the necessities. It feels good to have a clean, well organized machine.

Debian Linux

I chose to go with Debian as my OS and thus far I have been pleasantly surprised with the speed, reliability and ease of use. On another note, my Apache "skills" could use some sharpening as getting MOD_REWRITE and MOD_AUTH to work properly took a lot longer than it should have.


After a couple of months of construction, we have finally opened the doors to Root Down Nutrition in Lakeville, Minnesota. Current hours are 7:00AM to 2:00PM Monday through Friday with evening hours of 4:00PM to 7:00PM on Wednesday's. We'll also be opening on Saturday's in the near future. Located at 16287 IPAVA AVE, LAKEVILLE, MN 55044.

Root Down Nutrition, Lakeville, MN

Stop on in an enjoy a healthy Smoothie, Shake, Tea among other great healthy snacks and be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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