I have been spending a lot of time coding lately. I have rewritten the code for this website to utilize the new CSS3 Grid. I did one rewrite using Bootstrap and even though it was easy to work with and very plesant to look at. I decided it just didn't give me enough control over basic components. I also personally feel that it is more beneficial to stick with core technologies such as CSS over Bootstrap. I will say it's a great tool. I am currently working on an application that is heavily loaded with form controls and I am utilizing Bootstrap for that. I do appreciate the Mobile first approach it uses.

You may notice tweaks here and there throughout the coming months. Doing this rewrite has allowed me to clean up my code which in return will make it easier to add functionality to this site. Most of the changes will happen behind the scenes but you'll see some enhancements to the look and feel throughout the process.


If you're a developer and looking for a different IDE that's free. May I suggest Visual Studio Code. I have been working with this IDE for some time now and I love it. It includes support for debugging, embedded Git control, syntax highlighting, intelligent code completion, snippets, and code refactoring.

It's available for Linux, macOS, and Windows. Give it a try!

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